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Rise of Small Creators

You know how hard it is for small creators to get started online nowadays. Traffic is almost non-existent, working hours are inhumanly long, while every algorithm of every site favors the already popular. It is not a digital renaissance but a desert of frustration.

Join the Rise of Small Creators

Ratafire is the small fire of a squirrel, not a patronage toy of some noble. Ratafire was, is, and will be the rise of small creators.

Make Fan Funding Work under Limited Traffic

We spent 3 years finding and improving what actually works for creators with limited traffic:

A gradual fan funding set with one-time funding at the center, and all the recurring options you need; an exploration focus HUD; a game-like experience to play with…

Insist to be Free to Use

Of all the changes we made, we have never changed what we believe in: we are a free to use site for small creators.

The rise of small creators will win, because as small creators, we are large in number, and we are the real dream of the internet