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Whether you are a fan supporting your favorite creators, or a creator looking for support, Ratafire is the fan donation site for you, for FREE. We enable both one time and monthly recurring pledges, so you can be a long term backer of creators.

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Want to support the creators you like anytime?

One time donations through PayPal couldn't be easier on Ratafire. The creators get to keep 100% of your donations.

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Want to become a long term backer?

Patronage is dead but Ratafire is not. You can setup to donate to your favorite creators every month. Becoming a long term backer comes with special rewards.


Creators, ready to experience the power of mixed model fan funding, for FREE?

Ratafire is built for independent creators who have both limited budget and limited amount of fans. We do not take the 5% transaction fee.

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Come hang out at the Secret Life of a Programmer live streaming show. Let's create Ratafire 3.0 together!

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We are in this together. If you believe in supporting independent creators freely, join our vibrant community today.

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